Privacy Update

How Microsoft's Windows 10 Privacy Update Could Impact You.

Ahead of Data Privacy Day, Microsoft gives users more proactive Windows 10 privacy controls.

    Windows Insider Program participants will now be able to view and manage their Microsoft accounts via a newly released, diagnostics-based privacy dashboard. Dubbed "The Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer," the new dashboard (which is still in beta) gives Microsoft Windows 10 users the ability to see, search, and make changes to diagnostic data associated with their accounts.

    For example, users will be able to monitor the different Windows 10 $119.99 at Microsoft operating systems associated with the account, including which version of the OS is installed, on which devices the OS is installed, and how the devices are performing—both from a network management and a physical hardware perspective.

    This dashboard gives families and small businesses the ability to monitor their Microsoft account for deviations from normal performance. Say, for example, that your account is being accessed by a device in a foreign country to which you've never traveled. The dashboard lets you proactively disable the account or contact Microsoft to further investigate; the same can be said for unknown Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

    The Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer also provides some oversight into which applications, services, settings, and preferences have been installed on the device. Users will see a list of the characteristics and can take appropriate action if something appears to be amiss. All features and data listed in the dashboard can be searched and filtered to provide users with a more streamlined approach to investigating.

    "We believe in the timeless value of privacy. We are on a journey with our customers and fully committed to putting them in control of their data, and providing the information they need to make informed decisions about their privacy," said Marisa Rogers, Windows & Devices Group (WDG) Privacy Officer at Microsoft. "The Diagnostic Data Viewer is the next step in helping customers and customer advocates verify the commitments in our online documentation," Rogers continued. "The Activity History in the dashboard provides a new aggregated view of the data associated with a customer's Microsoft account. We will continue to listen to input from our customers and customer advocates to refine privacy experiences for our customers."

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